Look, Come, See

Look, Come, See
by Rev. Cathie P. Young

Do you recall how Jesus first encountered those who came to be His disciples?  Maybe you remember the well-known story about Jesus walking on the shoreline and calling the fishermen to leave their nets and come be fishers of men. This Sunday, we look at another story found in John’s Gospel that presents a different kind of encounter with soon-to-be disciples.  Here two seekers followed Jesus from a distance and when He saw them, He asked, “What are you looking for?”

This question “What are you looking for?” is filled with depth and meaning. It makes us search our own hearts as we remember when we first encountered Christ. What were we looking for? And it makes us think of the new and younger generation we seek to bring into St. James. What are they looking for?

Equally important is Jesus’ statement to those two young seekers, “Come and see.” What did you see at St. James when you first came that drew you in to come closer to Jesus Christ? What will a new generation see when they come?  Will what they see draw them closer to Christ?

Join us this Sunday at 7:30, 9 or 11 am as we continue January’s preaching series, “Light of the World; Light IN the Word”. I will be preaching from John 1:29-42. Please take time to read it and be sure to bring your Bible to church this Sunday! See you then.