How Do We Manage our Grief?

How Do We Manage our Grief?
Grief, sorrow, loss — all topics which are not fun or favorite ones for most of us. Yet as we continue further in our Emotionally Healthy Life series, we must tackle these topics because they are life realities we cannot avoid. In just this past week in ministry, I have officiated at a Memorial Service, been informed of the death of one close to St. James members, and am ministering to another friend who will die very soon. We may not like the topics of grief, sorrow, and loss, but each of these will certainly accompany us on our earthly journey. 
And the losses aren’t always about death. They are sometimes about the loss of a dream, the loss of health, of youth, of financial security, a job or as we have experienced at St. James, the loss of an unjust lawsuit or a beloved church building. Some losses are devastating; others are less significant but are still losses nonetheless. How we learn to acknowledge and grieve our losses will make us either better or less effective Christians.  
Most of what the culture has taught us about how to grieve our losses has left us more shallow in our humanity and less compassionate with others. The Bible has a different view of losses and teaches us a better way to regard sorrow and loss. This Sunday we will look at grief and loss in light of Jesus Christ and His way of leading us through our grief so we don’t deny it or get stuck in it.
Please join Pastor Todd and me this Sunday as we continue our vibrant series on the Emotionally Healthy Life. I will preach at our two worship services at 8:30 and 11:15 and lead our 10 am workshop on this very important topic. What does this topic mean to you personally and what does it mean to St. James Church?
Blessings in Christ Jesus,
Rev. Cathie
Interim Rector